good. better. best. awesome. Excellent. great. sci fi. fantasy. concept art. illustration. illustrator. digital painting. Paintings. Paint. Draw. Drawing. Drawings. blade runner. star wars. alien. aliens. Halo. Mass effect. Sony playstation. Xbox. Nintendo. Magic the gathering. Dungeons and dragons. heroes. superheroes. comics. Movies. Games. sven anderson. ralph mcquarie. ben anderson. pixar. dreamworks. disney. industrial light and magic. lucasfilms.  Marvel. Bungie. warner brothers. ridley scott. syd mead. Adobe photoshop. Illustrator. Maya. Mudbox. Zbrush. Microsoft. Apple. Windows. Pc. Mac. Proficient. Expert. Professional. Years. Experience. Dynamic. Action. Realistic. Photorealistic. Painterly. Lighting. Composition. Render. Rendering. Texture. Textures. Texturing. Skilled. Adaptable. Fast. Speed. Veteran. Military. Reference. References. Weapon. Weapons. Science fiction. Astronaut. Astronauts. Space. Knight. Knights. Spade spades. Warrior. Queen of hearts. Ice queen. Diamonds. Particle accelerator gun. Knowledge. Qualified. Team. Collaboration. Magic. Art. Design. Graphic. Iconic. Perspective. Artwork. Value. Contrast. Color. Artist. Fine. Detail. Detailed. Realism. Stylized styles. Commission. Film poster. Creature. Creatures. Classic. Modern. Old. New. crafting a rich, deep world with interconnected narratives.  I wanted in on that action the moment that dawned on me. I live for storytelling.  I grew up stuffing one VHS tape into the VCR after another and playing Nintendo.  It’s on my mind every day.  I play and run games with rich lore.  I think every piece of art can contain narrative and inject it wherever I can. Collaboration is important to me.  I want to work in a team of artists that bounce ideas off each other and give each other feedback.  The human element is important in a creative endeavor. My strength is in my adaptability.  I insert a sense of realism in everything I do, but every style of art has something to offer, and I take inspiration from everything I encounter. Skilled, adaptable artist and veteran confident in collaborative projects.  Possesses a keen eye for lighting, color, form, and composition.  Able to generate ideas fast and iterate variations and improvements just as fast.  Welcomes criticism and able to articulate and defend the occasional great idea.  Experienced in Photoshop Maya and with Wacom Cintiq tablets.  Adaptable to a variety of styles from sci fi to fantasy, cute to grimdark.  Advanced understanding of human and animal anatomy.  Understands the gamer mentality and experience

I live for storytelling.  That is what I do with my art.  I love telling stories whether I’m writing, drawing, or sculpting.  From science fiction to fantasy.  From light-hearted to somber darkness.  It's the most fun job in the world.